The Colosseum

Welcome to Hellfire Entertainment Ltd's Huddersfield Project: The Colosseum.

When completed, The Colosseum will span across approximately 20,000 square feet, with a capacity of up to 5,000, making it the largest pub in Europe by some considerable way. The venue is a modern concept where like minded people meet up to have a good time in what we refer to as an entertainment venue. A basic plan of the ground floor is shown here.

The upper half of the plan is currently up and running, trading under the name Showtime, with i's entrance on Zetland Street..

The bottom half of the plan shows The Colosseum's with it's main entrance on Queensgate. The state of the building when we first took it over is shown here.

At present the lower half of the project is on hold, being held up by an unhelpful Area Manager within Heineken PLC. It is unlikely this impasse will be overcome any time in the near future but in the meantime we will continue to grow and expand Showtime.

The building has a truly fascinating history, something we are all quite passionate about preserving and building on for many years to come. If it's your kind of thing, we have produced a comprehensive history here.


ColosseumOutside ColosseumOutside ColosseumOutside


Showtime took over The Roxy Ball Room in December 2018, making it's mark on the Town from day one. No expense has been spared on security, upgrading the cellars, increasing the product line, making the venue covid safe, adding hi-definition TV's and night club quality sound.

A picture of the bar in its original form is shown below.

We are also in the throes of re-decorating, opening an outdoors cinema and introducing an extensive kitchen servic.

ShowtimeInside ShowtimeInside